Probiotics Never Tasted So Good!

Probiotics are good bacteria that help keep us healthy and happy. In our gut, probiotics colonize and help us digest our food and absorb nutrients. Our gut is home to 70% of our immune system.

It’s critical that we maintain the healthy bacteria for our total body health. Science continues discovering new ways probiotics improve our health.

A major challenge with probiotics is they are scarce in our typical North American diet. Even more challenging is that they are delicate.

Cooking your food will easily kill them and if you eat uncooked food, the acidity of your stomach can kill them. Probiotics are only able to improve our health if they make it through our stomach and into our gut alive.

So how do you get them?

Eat a bunch of yogurt? Drink kombucha daily? No, that probably won’t make any measurable difference in the amount of good bacteria in your gut. The problem goes back to the fragility of a probiotic.

The acidic pH of your stomach is killing the majority of probiotics in yogurt and kombucha. The small portion that survive and make it into your gut won’t be enough to make an impact.

Ok, so how do I get these incredible health bugs into my gut?

A company called Ganeden discovered and patented a probiotic blend that is tasteless, odorless and has a 78% survivability rate on it’s way to your gut! That’s over 10x better than yogurt. 

That means in a single daily dose, you can get the bolstered health benefits from probiotics.

The most delicious way to get these daily probiotics is through VIBE … an incredibly great tasting meal replacement shake. VIBE is made 100% from vegetables and includes a hefty 1 billion CFU does of Ganeden’s BC30 probiotic blend in every serving.

You’ll notice improved digestion, decreased bloating, better energy, improved sleep and just overall feeling great.
Making probiotics part of your daily routine will also keep your immune system at its peak.

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