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A Caffeine Wake Up Call

Having trouble sleeping? It could be your afternoon beverage wreaking havoc on your body’s internal clock. A recent study examined the effect caffeine consumption has on sleep. The results showed that consuming an afternoon coffee or caffeinated product could delay your natural sleep cycle

Sleep Better! The 7-Day Sleep Challenge

Working 50 hours a week. Check. Working out a few times a week. Check. Getting a good night’s sleep … ummm.  Seriously. You know you need to, but you toss and turn. What if you could get a good night’s

Have You Been Drinking Fake Almond Milk?

Health experts have long touted the benefits and nutrition of almond milk, but recent news releases have revealed that some commercial almond milk is just a fake. Instead of keeping to the natural ingredients of almond milk that make it

14 Foods To Kick Out Of The Kitchen Forever

Eating healthy is about eating the kinds of nutrients that your body needs. This means eating foods with the right amount of fiber, more complex starches and the right nutrients. While some foods may taste savory on the tongue, they

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