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crush the cravings


Does a NEW YEAR mean a NEW YOU? Have you declared to shed pounds, kick the cravings and feel great? If you’re like us, you will launch your New Year’s resolutions committed and on point, but what happens when the


Quit the Booze, for a While

Alcohol- The buzz since 6,000 BC.  Do you know what it does to your body? The reality is that our bodies need a break from it. Here are 7 reasons why you want to add this “to do” to your

Amber Waves (of Grain)

Today’s wheat is a far cry from the “amber waves of grain” our grandparents’ generation enjoyed daily. Author of Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis, and many other professionals, are bringing the true issue of today’s wheat to the forefront of

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A Caffeine Wake Up Call

Having trouble sleeping? It could be your afternoon beverage wreaking havoc on your body’s internal clock. A recent study examined the effect caffeine consumption has on sleep. The results showed that consuming an afternoon coffee or caffeinated product could delay your natural sleep cycle

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