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The Secret Potion to Stay in Motion

Once a month, Life Matters is fortunate to have Ben Greenfield, MS, CSCS, CISSN contribute to our Blog. Ben was voted 2008 #1 personal trainer in the Nation! This month, Ben takes a deep dive into our overworked bodies and neglected

Pour Some Honey on Me

There is nothing sweet about a bee sting! We can all agree on that. However, honeybees not only play a critical role in pollination, but they also produce a remedy for countless ailments … raw honey. 1 in 3 bites of food

6 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Do you have a brain-benefiting lifestyle?  “Throughout our lives, we’re either increasing or decreasing our brain capacities.You lose 85,000 neurons a day. But you’re creating new neurons as well, so it’s a balance between how many you make and how

Sugar Isn’t Always Bad

According to Ben Greenfield, voted 2008 #1 personal trainer in the Nation, sugar is not as bad for you as you may believe.  These days, people are labeling sugar as a demonized substance that is toxic to our body! Listen to

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