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Sugar Isn’t Always Bad

According to Ben Greenfield, voted 2008 #1 personal trainer in the Nation, sugar is not as bad for you as you may believe.  These days, people are labeling sugar as a demonized substance that is toxic to our body! Listen to

5 Tips for a Perfect Morning

Hmm, perfect morning? Perhaps you’re thinking: “You haven’t experienced one of MY mornings!” We get it. However, if you could follow just 5 simple tips to make your day start GREAT almost every day, would you be willing to try? Check

The Pros of Probiotics

It’s no wonder that the word “probiotic” literally translates to “for life” (pro and biota). Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in our bodies and support normal health. They help to enhance and repopulate intestinal bacteria, which balancesgut flora and boosts

How to Unitask (aka be in the moment)

When is the last time you’ve pressed pause on the 4 things you’re juggling … to just focus on one task instead? Maybe you’re a mom. Ever find yourself rushing home from work to shuttle the kids to soccer practice while calling

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