5 Reasons to Protect Your Joints Before It’s Too Late Life Matters MOTION

5 Reasons to Protect Your Joints Before It’s Too Late

Are you already starting to feel it: the aches and pains when you get out of bed in the morning, the hobbling halfway through your workouts, and the struggle to keep up with your kids? Well, there IS light at

Say Good-bye to Sore Joints

Remember when you were a kid? You could leap from the top of the stairs, play outside for hours, and spring out of bed ready to do it all over again the next day. Fast-forward to now. Even though you’re

More Energy Now!

Would you be willing to make a few small changes that can reap big rewards in how energetic and alert you feel? Sound appealing? Yeah, we thought so. We know how tempting the snooze button can be each morning, and

The Secret Potion to Stay in Motion

Once a month, Life Matters is fortunate to have Ben Greenfield, MS, CSCS, CISSN contribute to our Blog. Ben was voted 2008 #1 personal trainer in the Nation! This month, Ben takes a deep dive into our overworked bodies and neglected