Winter is Coming … Take Your D!

Jon Snow, the King of the North, knows he must supplement with vitamin D because … winter is coming. All of us need to follow suit and make sure we are supplementing daily with vitamin D. This essential vitamin plays a

Suffering From The Afternoon Slump?

Does a nap sound good in the afternoon?   You bet it does, but most of us can’t sack out for an hour after lunch. We have to keep grinding, working, parenting, and being productive. The afternoon slump is real and the

5 Secret Ways Your Body Uses Vitamin D

  Vitamin D is for strong bones right? That’s a no-brainer. There are even more secret ways Vitamin D is key to your overall health: 1. Muscle Strength Vitamin D is a key vitamin for muscle strength and maintaining your

Life Matters Life Shotz The Ultimate Vitamin Drink

3 Fatigue-Fighting Ingredients Your Body Wants ASAP

Tired of fatigue zapping the happy out of your life? Maybe you struggle with aches and pains, just “go through the motions” each day, or lack the energy to do the things you used to love. How can you get