A Protein Shake Isn’t a Meal Replacement

Shakes! The industry for shake powders continues to boom. You have probably seen them marketed everywhere. From television to grocery stores or your next door neighbor with their newest business venture. These powders have become a staple in most pantries across the world.

There are some incredibly healthy options to use as a snack or replacing a meal entirely. However, all of these powders are not created equally. 

Many of them are simply a protein supplement. When a shake is lacking fats and carbohydrates your body isn’t fueled properly and you’ll get hungry quicker.

With a few quick tips on what to look for, you can easily get a healthy, complete meal that keeps you full like a regular meal would.

1. Check the Nutrition Fact Panel and look for protein, fats, and carbohydrate content. Set a goal of 15-20g Protein, 5-7g Fats, 10-15g Carbs. This will give your body a balanced meal and fuel you for hours.

2. Check the total calorie content. Set a goal of approximately 200 calories without counting the liquid or mix-ins you might be adding.

3. Look for greens that are blended into the powder. This is a quick way to keep your veggie consumption up.

4. Look for bonus ingredients that contribute to your total body health. Items like probiotics, vitamins and minerals are major benefits that aren’t always included in shakes.

5. If you’ve done steps 1-4 then the sea of options will have been narrowed considerably. Make one last check on the front of the label. Look for the words “meal replacement”. This means the product fits qualifications to be substituted for a meal.

I love having a shake every morning for breakfast. It is a quick and easy way to get a balanced breakfast! I use a 100% plant based meal replacement called VIBE by LifeMatters.  

Be a savvy shopper and enjoy your next shake!

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