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Are Probiotics the New Antidepressant?

Feeling stressed? Anxious? Psychobiotics may be your natural fix! Probiotics, beneficial bugs that can balance your gut bacteria, are showing promising research results in stress relief and mood. The brain-gut connection is not new news, but historically, research has focused


Dirty Baker’s Dozen

Strolling the produce aisle can be exciting (What fruit should I enjoy today?) or it can be confusing (Do I pay $2 more for the same peach because it is organic?). If you have extra dough to spend on organic


The Secret Potion to Stay in Motion

Once a month, Life Matters is fortunate to have Ben Greenfield, MS, CSCS, CISSNcontribute to our Blog.Ben was voted 2008 #1 personal trainer in the Nation! This month, Ben takes a deep dive into our overworked bodies and neglected joints.


Pour Some Honey on Me

There is nothing sweet about a bee sting! We can all agree on that. However,honeybees not only play a critical role in pollination, but they also produce a remedy for countless ailments … raw honey. 1 in 3 bites of food

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